Let's Bring Back French House
Thursday, 7 May 2009
And i'm back...

Ok, so its been a while. The blog got too popular and thats not really what i wanted at the time. I think french house is back, not as big as before i know but it's never going to be because theres more genres and avaliablity now. People like His Madjesty Andre, Grum, Sidechains, Sound Stream, Axel Le Baron, Phonat and The Phantoms Revenge are here to show us that it's alive and kicking.

So where do i come in? Well i'm gunna post rare old gems and new artists that are under the radar. Posts will start again soon...
posted by Louis La Roche @ 14:59  
  • At 8 May 2009 at 06:46, Blogger panoramikos said…

    Hello La Roche, i want to thank you for keep moving the french house style and making great productions like Me & Her. I think that the french house never going to be dead thanks to you and other musicians who have a great producer skills. Keep make some noize and good tracks.
    if you take some time, go ahead and check a little set that i made for every one who like french house


  • At 9 May 2009 at 17:47, Blogger Boba Fettuccini said…

    It'll never be quite the same though. Even if these guys are keeping it from dying, they're just adoptive parents. The golden days of Le Knight Club and Spinal Scratch are all over. =(


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