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Sunday, 14 June 2009
Daft Mafia - I Feel So (2002)
Daft Mafia - I Feel So - Unreleased (2002)

Daft Mafia as far as i know was a memeber on a Daft Punk forum a few years ago that is most known for putting out the remix/reconstruction of 'Call On Me'.

The story goes that Thomas (from DP) and DJ Falcon (Together) did a DJ set in which they played an early demo of Eric Prydz' Call On Me. This was a demo that Prydz did and sent to Steve Winwood (the guy that did the original 'valerie' that he sampled). Winwood liked it so much that he re-recorded the vocals for him for the final version. So now your saying 'so where does Daft Mafia come into all this?'. Daft Mafia reconstructed the track because all that exsisted was a set rip.

So there you have it, Thomas and Falcon had nothing to do with it, it was an early demo all along. Its a similar case to the whole 'Thomas Falke' song 'High Emotion', which was also mislabelled as a Together production.

So heres an extremely rare track by Daft Mafia, as far as i know this is the only place on the internet where you can get it.

Daft Mafia - I Feel So
posted by Louis La Roche @ 12:19  
  • At 14 June 2009 at 17:25, Blogger Jiben said…

    Awesome track ! Too bad it's only 160k.
    Does this guy ever intended to officially release something?

  • At 15 June 2009 at 01:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    louis, you have my favorite blog. keep it up.

  • At 15 June 2009 at 07:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thx lou

  • At 15 June 2009 at 21:55, Blogger classictrax said…

    Daft Mafia was & is Matt Hughes (Not the MMA Fighter). He was a member of the great Daft Crew Forums & the once great Daft Crew Chat Room on the Soulseek File Sharing Program. He was also part of a collective of really good house music artist on Soundclick.com way back in the day: many of which went on to form or be a part of Leo Rampant Music! www.leorampant.com He represents Leeds with many other really talented artist Like Miguel Cambell. Please check out his other tracks as he has done stuff for alot of the popular "French Touch" style net lables out there. Matt Hughes is a friendly guy to boot. He has succefully update and upgraded his music style WITHOUT loosing the funk and sample touch which made tracks like this Daft Mafia one so fun.

    Daft Mafia - I Feel So /SAMPLES/ Cerrone - Love is the Answer wich of course was also sampled for Le Knight Club - Coco Girlz.


    There are many more great tracks by Matt Hughes as Daft Mafia, Red Hot Dutch, Jedd Exodus, Onleed, and so on.

    Pro Da Sample Slayer & Your Local Daft Crew Forum Historian.

  • At 29 October 2009 at 08:17, Blogger Big said…

    Big Shouts to the old Daft Crew! You guys should check out Outcross Records from Leeds. Matt Hughes and Miguel Campbell are signed to this label.

    Not many people know but they also release tracks on a label called Beggin' Disco, under various aliases.


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