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Sunday, 29 November 2009
Gant Garrard - 100% Chicago Style EP (2001)
Gant Garrard - 100% Chicago Style - 2001 - Riviera

Ahh yes, Riviera great label! Home to Stacy Kidd, Sebastien Leger and Paul Johnson, own by the legendry Fab G (Blackjack, Grand Prix). Gant Garrard might not be a name you've heard of but with tracks on Blackjack, Dust Traxx and of course Riviera, why not?

Arguabley more Chicago House than French House, this release is funky as fuck! Looped but interesting is the best way to describe this. It's all about the groove and feeling of the song with clevely placed filters and kicks that come in and out of the mix.

I'll post another vinyl release of his perhaps in the new year.

A1 - No Time For Fussin'
B1 - I'll Take You There

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