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Monday, 19 April 2010
Various - Blackjack Présente Jackpot (1999)
Blackjack Presents - Jackpot - 1999 - Black Jack

Yes, i know what your thinking. 'Where the hell have you been?!?'

Well things have been very busy for me as i'm writing my album, so this website had to be put on hold for a while until things got quieter for me. Thanks to everyone who bought 'Super Soaker' in January!

The good news is, i'm back and i have the first lbbfh album post!

This could well be the rarest release i've posted on here. As far as i know, its basicly impossible to get hold of! Blackjack was one of many labels created and owned by Fab G. Released in 1999 this was the first various artists album to be sold by the label. It's a great collection of some of the finest names in the french touch scene at the time. Superfunk, Fafa Monteco and Sebastien Leger all made it onto the record aswell as some amazing rare and previously unheard tracks!


1 - Prelude To Blackjack
2 - Superfunk - La Guerre Du Funk
3 - Kiko - Last Days Of Disco
4 - Discokidz - Starlite
5 - Deaf 'N Dumb Crew - Chicayork
6 - Twin Pitch - Let's Get Together
7 - Da Bitchy Boys - Le Zeeep (Remix Seb. Leger)
8 - Fafa Monteco - To The Rhythm
9 - Cricco Castelli - From Russia With Phunk
10 - Sebastien Leger - Saturation
11 - DJ Nekbath - No One

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