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Monday, 22 June 2009
Nicholas - Haberdasher EP (2000)
Nicholas - Haberdasher - 2000 - 2000ST

Nicholas Lemercier is a name noone seems to know but the man is responsiable for the huge summer hit with Demon with his project 'Heartbreaker' on the single 'You Are My High'.

This is a project simply entitled 'Nicolas'. Released on 2000ST (French House label created by Jérémie Mondon aka Demon.)

This EP has a raw sound to it and is one of the forgotten releases of the label. (his label buddies being Roy Davis Jr and Sebastien Leger)


A: Goldelectric
B1: Granted
B2: Rollergirl

Click Here to Download EP
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Sunday, 14 June 2009
Daft Mafia - I Feel So (2002)
Daft Mafia - I Feel So - Unreleased (2002)

Daft Mafia as far as i know was a memeber on a Daft Punk forum a few years ago that is most known for putting out the remix/reconstruction of 'Call On Me'.

The story goes that Thomas (from DP) and DJ Falcon (Together) did a DJ set in which they played an early demo of Eric Prydz' Call On Me. This was a demo that Prydz did and sent to Steve Winwood (the guy that did the original 'valerie' that he sampled). Winwood liked it so much that he re-recorded the vocals for him for the final version. So now your saying 'so where does Daft Mafia come into all this?'. Daft Mafia reconstructed the track because all that exsisted was a set rip.

So there you have it, Thomas and Falcon had nothing to do with it, it was an early demo all along. Its a similar case to the whole 'Thomas Falke' song 'High Emotion', which was also mislabelled as a Together production.

So heres an extremely rare track by Daft Mafia, as far as i know this is the only place on the internet where you can get it.

Daft Mafia - I Feel So
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Saturday, 6 June 2009
Louis La Roche - BBC Radio One Minimix + Interview
Louis La Roche - Jaymo & Andy George - (05/06/09)

So, Jaymo & Andy of BBC Radio One asked me to do a guest mix on the show. Theres an interview over the phone aswell and talk of the next EP entitled 'Super Soaker', not to mention a sneak preview...

Louis La Roche - Radio One Minimix + Interview


Louis La Roche - Me & Her (Ever After Records)
Don Diablo - I Am Not From France (Louis La Roche Remix) (CDR)
Louis La Roche - Be Brave (Ever After Records)
Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Louis La Roche Rework) (CDR)
Bestrack - Wishmaker (CDR)
Louis La Roche - Sunshine Hotel (Ever After Records)
Louis La Roche - Super Soaker (CDR)
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